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Early Retirement Incentives

There are many choices to consider and decisions to make when it comes to retirement planning. It can be a confusing process for many school employees, especially if an early retirement incentive is offered. At Williams & Company, we strive to ensure you have all the knowledge and guidance you need to make the long-term decisions that are right for you. Our experience is available to you to help you make informed decisions and navigate through the issues you need to consider when developing your retirement plan, including your state retirement benefits.

We are dedicated to assisting you in creating the retirement plan that will fit your needs for the long run.

Customized Retirement Plan Design

We place your goals and objectives as the foundation for your plan. As a first step, we administer a feasibility test to help determine how you can best achieve your goals and objectives. The feasibility test also will assist you in defining the number of projected participants, associated costs, projected savings, and timelines.

Careful consideration is taken in developing your EXIT Plan design to help ensure you receive an attractive, budget conscious benefit package.

Maximized Results

To help maximize the results for your early retirement/voluntary separate plan, the EXIT Plan provides a well-coordinated marketing approach for you to utilize, including state retirement benefit meetings and information and employee brochures, posters, and other materials you may need to promote your EXIT Plan.

We also want to ensure that employees are getting the assistance and service they need to help in the transition to retirement. Our services include:

  • Employee education
  • Individual planning sessions
  • Individual retirement needs analysis
  • State retirement benefits planning
  • Retirement income projections
  • State retirement benefits form completion assistance 
  • How to purchase years of service
  • Health insurance issues
  • Distributions of retirement funds (403(b), IRA, Roth accounts, 457, etc.)

Complete Administration

The EXIT Plan provides employers with complete administration. Our EXIT representatives will guide employees through informational meetings and sessions from start to finish. We have designed the EXIT Plan in a way that enables us to handle any questions employees may have regarding their retirement issues and ensuring they have the information they need and guidance for designing a plan that fits their long-term needs.

Download and complete the EXIT data sheet and fax or mail it in today. Someone will be in touch with you shortly after to schedule a confidential individual planning session.