Finance Careers at Williams & Co.

At Williams & Company, we strive to ensure our financial professionals have the tools, resources, and support they need for their businesses and their clients to be successful. That’s why we partner with PlanMember Services. Boasting over two decades of experience in the industry, PlanMember Services provides access to a full-service independent broker/dealer and a registered investment professional.  Through PlanMember Services, our financial professionals typically have more tools and support that allow them to efficiently run their business.

Paperless System

It’s common and all too easy to become distracted by the day-to-day tasks and paperwork that need to be completed. We use a paperless, straight-through processing (STP) system to help save professionals time and money so they can focus on what matters most – focusing on their clients and their needs, and developing new business. STP is an automated system that will input client, populate paperwork, and inform professionals what paperwork they need. It’s proved to be an efficient way for professionals to quickly complete those distractions and give their clients more of their time.

Retirement Options

Nonprofit employers in Michigan rely on Williams & Company for retirement plans that meet employee needs. We deliver retirement plan solutions to nonprofit employers through the PlanMember 403(b) & 457 (b) Savings Program, giving employees a broad choice of investments with various features, flexibility and service levels. School districts and other nonprofit employers rely on Williams & Company to help them stay in compliance with IRS regulations and for retirement plans that reduce administrative burdens while improving employee participation and retention.


PlanMember knows that financially literate employees make better financial decisions. When employees understand personal finance and the positive results of creating and sticking with a retirement plan early on, participation can increase and so can contribution amounts. The goal of a retirement plan is not only to attract and retain employees, but also to provide resources to help them gain a better understanding of how to effectively save and invest for their futures. PlanMember delivers financial literacy education to plan participants through a variety of channels, including an online Retirement Academy and co-branded employer websites featuring calculators, tools and other resources. Your local PlanMember Financial Center offers complimentary educational seminars and workshops, and independent financial professionals are available to help employees gain a better understanding of how to save money for retirement and other goals one-on-one.

Investment Management Options

PlanMember Services provides access to a wide variety of programs and various investment strategists to utilize for clients’ needs. We use a fee-based platform that provides investment portfolios to clients based on their risk or tolerance. Advisers can use portfolios that have a dynamic investment discipline and help control risk and manage money over the long term. They also have the ability to consolidate multiple accounts from various fund companies into one statement. 


One tool does not fit every practice. We focus on areas where advisors need the most help and invest in the technology that will make their new practice soar. A technology committee is available to not only bring new tools and technologies to the table, but also guide advisors in navigating through from a menu approach and determining which tools will best fit their practice. They also offer support to ensure efficiency in the day-to-day business. 


The right amount of support also allows professionals to grow on their own. Not only do professionals have a solid network from the home office, but they can also find support from other professionals. Our financial professionals form a tight knit group to help and support one another through a constant ebb and flow of sharing information and ideas. The business world is constantly changing, and having that support group that enjoys seeing each financial professional and their clients succeed is key.