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Williams and Company was established in 1999 and is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients.  Our focus is to utilize financial and insurance products and services to help you achieve your goals--whether it’s to retire securely, protect your personal wealth or provide insurance protection against the catastrophic.  W&C has the knowledge and experience to help you understand the complexities of investment choices or to help you find the right insurance protection for you, your business or school. 


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Investment Risk


In the investment world, risk and reward often go hand in hand. Generally, in an effort to achieve greater returns, an investor must be willing to accept increased risk. All investments carry some degree of risk. Even an investment that may be perceived as "safe," such as one with a guaranteed rate of return, is subject to inflation risk. Below are some of the risks investors may face:

  • Market risk is associated with a change in the value of an investment due to a change in market conditions. Market risk includes the potential to lose a portion of your principal.

  • Liquidity risk – Assets that are easily converted to cash are referred to as “liquid.” Investments for which the market has a small capacity and investments that are not readily salable on the open market, such as commercial property, face liquidity risk because of the time it may take to sell them.

  • Inflation risk refers to the loss of purchasing power due to continually increasing prices. For someone with long-term investment goals, such as saving for retirement, achieving a rate of return that exceeds the rate of inflation is important. Click here to read more...





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